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We are a company of veteran telecom industry executives with engineer, furnish, install responsibilities going back to 1980ā€™s Class 4/5 office switches, AIN and ATM networks in the 90s, Optical and Wireless buildouts of the 2000's, and including IoT, 5G and cloud infrastructures of tomorrow.  We help network operators, service providers, and IT departments navigate the complex telecom solutions in the marketplace and then provide a turn-key, results-based solution of telecom products and services.  Within our own workforce and strategic partners, we provide expertise in optical, wireless, and cloud networking areas including network engineering and design, inside and outside wiring/cable/conduit deployment, equipment installation and commissioning, high-voltage electrical systems work, network operations support, cloud-based network functions, and professional services to tie it all together.  We have worked for wireless, wireline and cable industries across US.

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